Galaxy Gear 2 to be a Budget Friendly Android Device

When it comes to its first Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung has disappointed many potential buyers by initially pairing the device to only one Android based smartphone, the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3, not to mention the other disadvantages. We all know that this has changed in time and even the battery life has been become much better thanks to a major update, but do you imagine that these improvements had any effect over the general opinion regarding its high price? You probably know the answer just as we know it too, so if Samsung has indeed released the Gear smartwatch to test the demand for the product, as the Korean media has speculated, it’s time for a drastic change when it comes to its successor. Galaxy Gear 2 is indeed rumored as being a budget friendly Android device and here we have more details on this topic.

Rumored specs

The upcoming Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to be a completely different device by comparing it to the original Gear.

Galaxy Gear 2 to be a Budget Friendly Device

Galaxy Gear 2 to be a Budget Friendly Device

From what we know at this point, there are big chances to come equipped with a flexible screen, not to mention that rumor has it that will also come with GPS capabilities to offer location data. Besides the entirely new design, Galaxy Gear 2 might be compatible with all Android smartphones or at least the majority and it would still be a major improvement.

A budget friendly device

And we have told you that Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to be a budget friendly device, just as our source mentions the possibility of getting for $299 or even less. Officials are currently talking in consideration a price decrease for the Gear 2, but we know that it is up to its partners to agree with that.

The sequel to the Gear watch could be unveiled as soon as MWC 2014 at this month and only then we’ll return with more details on this topic.