Samsung’s Galaxy S5 to come with $500+ Free Software

Samsung is continuing its tradition of offering bundled software along with its high-end devices and Galaxy S5 will be no exception to this rule. All buyers will have a bunch of free stuff waiting for them and things look better than you might be expecting as long as we are actually talking about over $500 of free software. It is obviously from the start that ‘Galaxy Gifts’ (as it is called) is oriented towards a healthier lifestyle that Samsung is somehow promoting with both its S5 and the new Galaxy Gear Fit that we have previously talked about.

This $500+ free software gift is filled with things you’ll probably find more than useful, so here we have included some of the most tempting goodies included in the package:

Samsung's Galaxy S5 to come with $500+ Free Software

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 to come with $500+ Free Software

  • Blurb ($5 coupon) – Blurb offers you a $5 coupon encouraging you to create a professional printed photo book by yourself;
  • Evernote ($15) – Galaxy Gifts offers you 3 months of ‘Evernote Premium Premium Service’, but the promotion is available for a single account;
  • Runkeeper ($20) – Do you want a personal trainer that can easily track your fitness activities? The free 12 months membership to RunKeeper Elite brings you exactly what you have been looking for;
  • Bitcasa ($30) – Lets you store, share and stream an unlimited amount of data in a secure cloud for 3 months;
  • Lark ($36) – Lark comes as your ownWellness Assistant offering you personalized and free recommendations for an entire year;
  • Map My Fitness ($36) – Easily helps you track the distance, calories and over 600 types of other activities for 6 months;
  • PayPal ($50) – Lets you shop from your favorite stores and easily pay with PayPal in no less than 25 countries around the globe: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Hong Kong Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Netherland, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Poland, Spain, UK, US, Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Turkey;
  • Box ($60) – Gives you the possibility to edit your files and stay in touch to with your team, also offering free 50 GB for no less than 6 months;
  • LinkedIn ($75) – Samsung is Galaxy S5 includes integration with LinkedIn, offering you full access to 3 months of LinkedIn Premium – Business;
  • The Wallstreet Journal ($160) – Brings you the latest news financial, 24/7 for 6-months as well.

We are not here suggesting that you should jump to conclusions and decide this Samsung Galaxy S5 for its $500+ free software that come with it, not at all. But as our source stated, this Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts could tempt you and influence your final decision. Let us know if it happened so!