Galaxy S5 Mini Could Be SM-G870

Now that Galaxy is officially announced, we take in consideration the possibility of several variants of this smartphone being launched as well, just as it has happened with Galaxy S4. One of the first ones that we are expecting is the so-called “mini” version and speculations about it as being in work already might be real after all. To be more precise, an unknown Samsung handset having the model number SM-G870 has been leaked through the Indian import site Zauba that we have previously talked about and although there is no official confirmation so far, Galaxy Club claims the SM-G870 could be Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

The Ratio of Galaxy’s S5 Mini Price

Anyway, we must tell you from the start that the import tracking listing doesn’t offer us anything about this Samsung’s hardware, but folks at have something to rely their statements on.

Galaxy S5 Mini Could Be the Leaked SM-G870

Galaxy S5 Mini Could Be the Leaked SM-G870

They consider that the handset may be Samsung Galaxy S5 mini because the ratio of its price compared to Galaxy S5 is similar to the ratio that previously existed between Samsung Galaxy S4 and its Galaxy S4 mini version. Of course, we cannot say that this is enough for jumping to conclusions, but it is a great place to start.

Other Important Details

Moreover, Samsung has been rumored to be releasing both a Galaxy S5 Mini and a Galaxy S5 Zoom following the launch of its Galaxy S5. An official unveiling for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini might take place in June, while Galaxy S5 Zoom could make its first appearance in May.

And rumor has it that Galaxy S5 Mini (and Galaxy S5 Zoom as well) are expected to come with Super AMOLED display, also featuring Android 4.4 KitKat OS version out of box, but we’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if these speculations are indeed real.