Samsung Galaxy S5 Widely Available for Pre-Order in UK

As the whole world waits for the global release of Samsung’s latest flagship, carriers all over the world start their pre-order trials for preparing the imminent release of the Galaxy S5. In this respect, pre-order deals are now available at major carriers and retailers. UK carriers have opened their doors for pre-ordering Samsung Galaxy S5.

Last night, the handset went for pre-order at some of the most important British outlets, including independent retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u, as well as the well-known carriers O2, Three, Vodafone, and EE. Bellow, you can find information regarding each one of these carriers and their offerings.

Let us begin with Vodafone. The carrier has the black, white blue and gold color variations for the incoming Samsung flagship. In what concerns the pricing, users will have to pay between £47 per month (£19 upfront) for 3GB, to £62 per month for 13GB (no upfront payment.)

Now, the EE offers Galaxy S5 in white, black and blue, with on-contract prices between £32.99 per month (4GB “double speed” 4G, £259.99 upfront) to £47.99 per month (20GB, £9.99 upfront). What makes a difference with EE is the fact that the carrier is offering free return flights to pre-order customers from airports across the UK. This is quite a deal when you think about it.

The Three carrier also offers the classic white and black as well as the blue models. Prices start at Prices start at £38 per month (£69 upfront) for 2GB of data plus 600 minutes. Bump up to £41 per month for unlimited data, or £44 for unlimited calls and data, and the same upfront cost.

O2, another famous carrier brings all four of the colors. The carrier brings prices between £38 (2GB, £69.99 upfront) and £53 (8GB, no upfront cost) for purchasing the handset. Alternatively, users can opt for another 8GB plan for £48 per month, with a £39.99 upfront fee attached.

The famous Carphone Warehouse has all four colors. However, only the black and white will be available on April 11. The retailer will see a SIM-free device for £579.95, and they will provide contracts with EE, Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, and TalkMobile. The cheapest plan users can choose for a free Samsung Galaxy S5 is a £42-per-month, 3GB deal from Vodafone. However, for more data, users will have to pay a little bit more upfront.

In the last part, the last S5 retailer mentioned within our list is the Phones4u carrier. Here, users can find a range of contracts available from some of the above-mentioned carriers, and this includes Vodafone, EE, Orange and T-Mobile starting with at £47 for a free GS5 (a 3GB plan on Vodafone, when an extra 99p per month will get you 10GB on EE).

Basically, almost all carriers and retailers will be able to get the Galaxy S5 in hands on April 11, the official launch day, but as you may imagine, prices will differ. In the same time, availability may vary for the more colorful blue and gold variations as happens in the case of other smart phones, as well. Nonetheless, the classic white and black will be definitely available.