Oppo Find 7a finally Updated to ColorOS 1.2.1i

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We are back with fresh news for Oppo Find 7a owners all over the world. Today, your device has received a software update which changes the ColorOS version from v1.2.0i to v1.2.1i, but sadly, we cannot be talking about KitKat yet. This firmware is still based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but this doesn’t have to mean that it doesn’t have anything to offer. In fact, this update fixes various bugs and those stability issues with power consumption that many of you have complained about and it also has several new features waiting to be discovered.

Fixed Issues

So, this ColorOS 1.2.1i version is prepared to fix that Oppo Find 7a issue about the screen which won’t turn on automatically after call ended, not to mention that it also solves the problem with the stock music player that cannot search out .ogg format files.

Oppo Find 7a is Ready for a Change

As we have told you, the new ColorOS 1.2.1.i also introduces several new features to your Oppo Find 7a such as support for smart cover, improved speed when copying multiple small files, new E-warranty card registration, optimized power consumption caused by network switching, better MTP mode, not to mention that after installing this update, when using powered off alarm clock, you will see that the auto power on time has changed from 2 minutes to only 40 seconds before the alarm rings.

And Oppo Find 7a is also ready for a change when it comes to its new Voiceprint unlocking. From what the new set up description reveals, it seems that everyone has a unique voice print (which is basically similar to fingerprints), so the idea is very simple. This set up that we are talking about can be easily done by recording a preset voice password five times in order to identify your unique voice print. Thanks to this operation, your voice is turned into a private code which is presented as being just as secured as the fingerprint unlocking procedure that we are all used to.

We know that the idea sounds indeed very tempting, but it is too early for a verdict. We haven’t tested it so far and we don’t want to say a thing until being sure that it is one hundred percent secure. Many of us have been fooled before by the face unlock feature on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which isn’t at all as good as expected, but do not worry; we’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as we figure out how the situation really is.

Oppo Find 7a and its upcoming QHD Find 7 brother

So, if you own an Oppo Find 7a handset, you can update your firmware that weighs in about 290MB in size as we are specking.

And if you want something even better, don’t forget that Oppo has just started taking pre-orders for the QHD Find 7 model, promising us that this version will ship no later than this July.

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