Opera Max Beta Cuts Off Heavy Bandwidth Data Usage for Android Apps

All Android users across the US and the Western Europe are glad to know that Opera Max Beta, the bandwidth that helps you save up to 50% of your data usage, is now available for download in Google Play Store. There was also a pre-registration available for the beta version to the public, starting with December last year. With this announcement made by Opera, all the rumors concerning the launch of a browser that can really help you save time, space and money when browsing “high speed limited internal packs”, have been confirmed.

How Does Opera Max Beta Work to Save Bandwidth Costs While Surfing?

Opera Max Beta is a browser that is meant to help all Android users reduce their bandwidth usage by simply compressing all wireless data traffic which is unencrypted, to your device. When talking about data traffic, we are actually referring to unencrypted Web browsing which can occur on a casual basis as well as third-party applications that cannot encrypt traffic, like Vine or Instagram.

Opera Max Beta Cuts Off Heavy Bandwidth Data Usage for Android Apps

Opera Max Beta Cuts Off Heavy Bandwidth Data Usage for Android Apps

Google started updated its Chrome app as well, in order to cut off consumption on the both the well-known platforms like Android and iOS. Perhaps this was intended to test the browser before being released into the air.

How Can I Download Opera Max and How Much Do I Have to Wait Until I Get It on My Device?

Opera Max is available for download for all Android users, but first you have to stay in line in order to start using it.

A reminder: Android users that have the version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or even higher in the US can join the beta version by downloading Opera Max from Google Play. Shortly enough, the browser will be available for download and you can then use it to reduce your costs on data usage. However, there will be much more to share about Opera Max at the long-expected Mobile World Congress coming soon.

To go back with some important info, it is not the first time that Opera is playing with compression data usage, as it first focused on that process a couple of years ago, when it foresaw the future of desktop and mobile browsers. Then, at the beginning of 2013, Opera purchased SkyFire Labs, the company that is specialized in video compression technology.

Opera has also foreseen some heavy competition from different mobile companies to work on bandwidth data saving, so the company is struggling to keep things rolling professionally in order to provide quality services for its growing customers.

For instance, Silk, the browser that the Amazon`s Kindle is using on its platform, has been offered data compression ever since it started rolling over the internet, and that made Google recently roll out a new data compression feature on Chrome for all Android and iOS users.

Don’t forget to download Opera Max to minimize bandwidth usage, thus saving you time, space and money. Also, don’t forget to share your opinions with us in case you encounter some issues with the downloading. Just remember: download the browser to reserve you place in line. You will be able to unlock the app in a few days, maybe earlier, as soon as your time comes.

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