Galaxy S5 Mini FXXU1ANG1 Firmware Launched Online

Not so long ago, Samsung has just announced its new Galaxy S5 Mini release date for several markets, but despite of the fact that the device isn’t still available for general purchase, its first Android 4.4.2 KitKat FXXU1ANG1 firmware has been already launched online. Surprising news, isn’t it? Does this firmware changes what you are feeling about this Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini handset and makes you take it in consideration? Our guess is that many of you might be thinking of this possibility as long as we all know what such a thing means.

Why is this Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini FXXU1ANG1 firmware useful?

To be more precise, this firmware carrying build number FXXU1ANG1 is more than useful for all those who are eager to find out more about the phone’s software, not to mention that it can be used as a backup for flashing back to the stock firmware in case something bad happens while to rooting or install other ROMs on the device.

And yes, this FXXU1ANG1 firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is the ideal method for the third party devs who don’t have to wait any longer and can already start developing new custom ROMs based on the FXXU1ANG1 system.

Applying this FXXU1ANG1 firmware is very easy

Are you eager to try all these? Then, don’t forget that the FXXU1ANG1 Russian firmware of this Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is available for download from this page, as we are speaking.

And don’t worry; applying the OS will be easier than you might imagine as long as you can use the recovery mode, with no root access required as long as we are taking about an official update operation.

Even more, we think that this FXXU1ANG1 firmware will arrive just in time for the phone’s release in early July. And we can also assure you that it will become available in many other regions in the coming days, so stay tuned for more. We’ll soon return with fresh details!