Unofficial Android L Version ROM for LG Optimus G

Are you still an LG Optimus G fan? Good for you! Not every day we get the chance to see a handset that two years after its release is more than decent and capable of offering us a stable Android experience. As you have seen from the title, if HTC One M7 was the first non-nexus device to get the Android L port, now it’s time to announce you that there is an unofficial Android L Version ROM for LG Optimus G as well.

This Android L Version is Far from a “free of issues” Version

Coming from the developer preview factory images, the Optimus G Android L Port is at release version 11 and it’s stable enough for a daily driver. But don’t you imagine that it doesn’t come with some issues that could make you take a step back when it comes to giving it a try.

This Android L Version ROM is actually far from that “free of issues” version that you might be dreaming of, but one that comes with some heat issues, slow charging (related to the heat issue), for Sprint Optimus G, there’s workaround to get service (fix available if you download and flash the Release 3 first, add your carrier in carrier settings and then flash the latest release), not to mention the random device update force close issues (fix available by using a file manager app with root permissions such as ES File explorer app, rename /system/app/OmaDmclient.apk to OmaDmclient.apk.bak), the SD Card error on some apps, as well as the fact that the camera is a bit buggy and that NFC isn’t working.

Download Unofficial Android L Version ROM for LG Optimus G

Could all these stop you from using this Android ROM as your daily driver? If all these are not a problem for you and such an Android L port for your LG Optimus G was just what you were hoping for, then here you can find the download links here.

And as you can already see, devs already have found quick fixes for a few of them, so things are really promising!