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Learn to Use Twitter’s Tweet Thread Feature

Twitter threads (also known as tweetstorms), where someone posts a series of related Tweets one after the other gather mixed reactions: there are those who hate everything around them and those who love to post them. With videos, GIFS, amazing...


Enjoy Metal for Facebook & Twitter on Android

Are you looking for a Facebook and Twitter memory friendly alternative? Don’t worry; I am not here with the suggestion to permanently leave behind Facebook, but I am better talking about simply quitting the official Facebook app. Well, the Facebook...


Fenix for Twitter reclaims its Popularity

Fenix, the popular Twitter app on Android had a though year, that’s for sure. I recall how the app hit Twitter’s ridiculous token/user limit one day and it was removed from Google Play. That seemed odd to us since the...


The Best 5 Twitter Applications for Android

Why are there so many people who love Twitter? Well, this is a style of life for those who love catching up on the latest news by following the news networks, following their friends, receiving re-tweets and replies from your favorites...


Mysterious LG L65 spotted on Twitter

If you are in the market for a cheap device and you haven’t found the ideal choice, maybe the upcoming LG L65 has a chance to be what you are looking for. LG has not officially announced the handset, but...