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Enable Samsung Note 8 Night Clock

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone has been set by default to display the clock every time of the day. However, how many of you actually know the fact that the very same smartphone comes with a Night mode clock...


Learn to Enable OTG on your Oneplus 5T

OTG is a good feature in most of the modern devices in the present time. Despite of the fact that you can choose between a wide range of methods for transferring the data from one handset to another or from...


Learn to Enable Android Instant Apps

Do you think that you really need to download an app to own it? At Google I/O 2016, we had the chance to take the first look at an upcoming to Android called Instant Apps. Basically, Instant Apps allow you...


How to Enable Galaxy Note 8 Secure Folder

Some of your files and apps on your Android device – your work email login, your private photos, or your dating profile are way too important to be accidentally seen by someone who borrows your phone. We all have secrets,...