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Know Location of the Caller on Oreo Running OnePlus 5T

Back in December, OnePlus rolled out OxygenOS 4.7.6 OTA for the OnePlus 5T. The update come with assistive lighting for Face Unlock, major clarity improvements for selfies in low light conditions, performance improvements for third-party camera apps, as well as...


Change Chrome’s Address Bar Location

Google’s Chrome browser has been the most popular web browser in the world for quite a few years now and I see no difference for the future. Despite of the fact that Chrome aims to be a one-size-fits all browser,...


Use Fake GPS location to Spoof Your Location

If you want to tell your Android smartphone and your apps that you’re in a different location than where you’re actually at, you probably already know that this isn’t any longer a simple dream. Quite the opposite, sometimes it is...