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How to Organize your One M9 Widget Panels

I have already showed you how easy is to Add Widgets and App Shortcuts to your One M9 Home Screen, but this is only the beginning! After making your choices, don’t hesitate to organize them, according to the space that you have...


AMOLED Panels: Pricing Estimation Within Two Years

Do you know that improvements in production yields of AMOLED mobile phone panels are closing the manufacturing cost gap between AMOLED and TFT LCD displays? This is what the NPD DisplaySearch OLED Technology Report has revealed, also offering a pricing...


New Q&As Feature for Google Maps and search

Google has recently announced and started to roll out Questions & Answers, a business sourced Q&A product for local Knowledge Panels places listings. The Q&A feature might not be live for everyone at this point, but you will eventually be...


Get Animated GIFs on your Galaxy S8+

I have already told you the fact that Samsung offers a dedicated camera mode that lets users easily record moments directly as GIF files. It’s been accessible for quite for some time, and we can also download it on a...


How to Create Galaxy S8+ Folders

You can always use app folders in Galaxy’s S8+ Home screen to organize apps, but what to do in case of not knowing how to create such folders? This should be the least of your worries since I am always...