Author: John Garner


How to Install MIUI 7 on Xiaomi Mi 3

As you probably know, Xiaomi released the MIUI 7 operating system for the Xiaomi phones. The new MIUI 7 comes with a variety of improvements and features, so how can you say no to such a temptation? If you are...


How to Arrange the LG G4 Notification Panel

The LG G3 device come with a questionable UX, so this year the company decided that it’s time for some major changes. LG removed various features which were less useful from its UX to make things much intuitive than before. One...


Increase LG G4 Vibration Strength

You’ve all been there – you’ve missed important calls, texts, emails and not only while your Android smartphone was comfortably sitting in one of your pockets or bags. Well, it happens not to feel the vibration, but fortunately, if you’re...