Author: Popa Loredana


How to Share your Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi connection

If there’s one major area where Android mobile hotspot tethering has been lacking in the last few years, it’s been its incapacity to share your phone’s Wi-Fi connection with other devices. Normally, the mobile hotspot feature (Wi-Fi tethering) only lets...


How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S7 Wirelessly

Samsung Galaxy S7 is available around the world and it seems to be some of the best phones released at the moment. However, the owners don’t always use it at its full capacity as they don’t know everything about it or as a...


Find out More about Pokemon Go Gym

Pokemon has always been a huge franchise, in gaming or on TV, so why not becoming the perfect game? The novelty of the game is related to mapping the real world, with the player moving in the game by actually...