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Sort your Galaxy S8 Apps Alphabetically

I make no mistake by saying the fact that your Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s most ambitious phone up to this point. While the switch to a 18.5:9 aspect display is likely to be the thing that captures your attention with...


Learn How to Charge Galaxy S8 Faster

After months of leaks and rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here, at our convenience. Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautifully designed phone packed with convenient features for all users. However, the battery life is far from an advantage....


How to Take a Hands-free Galaxy S8 Selfie

The much about smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched for a while, but I still feel the excitement. Amongst the many features, I must tell you about that sharp selfie cam and improved rear shooter. S8’s 12-megapixel rear camera might...