Samsung Galaxy Discover From Cricket Now $129.99. Price Plans Starting From $50

Samsung Galaxy Discover ‘s availability starts on 21th July and was priced by Cricket at $129,99 and also came with some payment plans and Muve Music updates. Because the awesome handset has many things to show, I will start with the boxes which can clearly drive anyone crazy and so many modern features as Google Play access, games, apps, music and movies, Cricket’s Muve Music service and so on and so far. The unlimited plan from Cricket starts with $50 per month and includes talk and text and 1 GB of speed data. Ready to stay in touch all the time and all over the word with your friends?
Being able to take photos, share it and watch, these are made possible because of the 3.5-inch touch screen and a 3 megapixel camera. The panoramic 3 megapixel camera offers also options for white balance, exposure, 4x zoom and color effects. As per our source, the Galaxy Discover has been gifted with a sidebar navigation which facilitate the quick access to all the features of the Muve Music app.

Galaxy Discover Cricket

Galaxy Discover Cricket

Cricket is one of the most important leader in delivering wireless services. It offers a great nationwide wireless voice and mobile data services over high-quality, all-digital 4G (LTE) and 3G CDMA wireless networks. They are innovative and also the award-winning Muve Music which was the first music service designed for a wireless phone. They will offer the Galaxy Discover with 3G all-inclusive smartphone rate plans from $50 for unlimited talk and text plus up to 1GB of full-speed data per month. The $60 smartphone offer includes up to 2.5GB of full-speed data per month and the $70 smartphone plan, up to 5GB of full-speed data per month. With the $60 and $70 plans, it is very nice that customers can use their device as a hot spot to power additional wireless devices.

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