MediaTek Announced The First 8 Core Processor

MediaTek announced the world’s first 8 core processor, this weekend. It is even said that it might surpass Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chip, announced at the beginning of 2013, which utilizes big.LITTLE technology with only four Cortex-A15 cores and four Cortex-A7 cores. So this means that the Exynos 5 can only activate half of the cores at a time, while MediaTek sustains that its processor will be able of using all of them simultaneously. With this, you will be able to enjoy heavy web downloading, gaming, high-quality premium video viewing or other types of rigorous multitasking, without having your battery dead in an instant.
According to our source, MediaTek claimed that True Octa-Core chip is able to intelligently allocate processing power on a per-application and even on a per-task basis. No specifications of the new processor yet, although rumors say the clock speeds will be around 2GHz. No word on the release date either, but it’s definitely worth waiting as long as it takes. Until it’s out, let’s see an image of what an 8 core processor means, and some of the features.

MediaTek True Octa Core

MediaTek True Octa Core

With the MediaTek True Octa-Core, you will get improved current-application experiences, like:

  • Advanced web browsing: With the unique ability to allocate individual browser tabs to CPU cores, MediaTek True Octa-Core allows for a faster, more stable web browsing experiences.
  • Smoother user interfaces: With the ability to delegate user inputs to individual cores and render 3D effects more smoothly, the functionality and appearance of user interfaces in both applications and operating systems are significantly enhanced.
  • Superior gaming experiences: The advanced multi-threaded programming deployed in the MediaTek True Octa-Core, enables different sequences to be allocated to different cores, delivering enhanced video frame-rate processing and exceptionally low-latency gaming experiences.
  • Efficient video playback: When on decoding mode, the battery used for decoding HEVC (H.265) FHD video can be reduced by up to 18 percent compared to current quad-core solutions. While on display mode, MediaTek True Octa-Core provides users 20 percent more frames.

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