Secretly Save Snapchats on Android with Casper

While screenshotting a received Snapchat is a very simple thing to do, saving one in secret is much more complicated. However, the good news is that you can do that even without alerting the sender. In general, these things are possible if you have a rooted Android, but now I want to tell you about a particular app that makes it possible.

A while ago, people talked about SaveMySnaps, a free app offered developer Liam Cottle which made it easy for anyone to save Snaps even undetected. However, SaveMySnaps is no longer available, but you can try out the developer’s other app, Casper, that works with no flaws.

So, keep reading and you will find a non-root method on Android devices that gives you the posibility to to save both pictures and videos shared through Snapchat without notifying the sender. All you have to do is to enable “Unknown sources” on your Android device and apply the bellow steps:

Secretly Save Snapchats on Android:

  1. Download Casper from here; my advice is to select the latest APK version;
  2. It’s time to sign into your account. For that, you must use your Snapchat credentials as well as a Google account for authentication;
  3. Let me tell you that the developer recommended to create a fake Google account to prevent Snapchat from blocking your personal account from the official Snapchat app on your handset;
  4. The first page has direct snaps, the next has stories, after that it’s your friends list, and then friend requests on the last page;
  5. You can already save other people’s snaps; for that, just open it and tap the download icon located towards the top of the page;
  6. To save an image or video from a story, tap a particular story to expand it and display each individual picture and video;
  7. Up next, tap the one you want to open and save it by tapping the download icon;
  8. All the saved content is available in device’s gallery app in the “Saved Snaps” album.

There are many reasons for wanting to save a Snap undetected and you know that better than anyone, but my advice is to play it safe. Therefore, I can only recommend letting your Snapchat friends know about this app too!

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