iPhone 5S redesigned, shows up in images

The first images of the supposedly retail box for the iPhone 5S has been leaked just last week. The photos show the smartphone’s new home button, with a silver ring around it, for the first time. As you’ll see below, the iPhone 5S will probably give up on the rounded square button we got used to. We have no idea who initially posted the images, as the French blog Nowhereelse.fr, which republished them, has removed the source at its request. The new device should be unveiled at a press conference, today. So perhaps we will be able to give you more information in the following days.

According to our source, the iPhone 5S will come with a faster processor, an upgraded camera with a dual-LED flash, two new color options and an embedded fingerprint scanner. Rumors have it that the device will be released on September 20 at AT&T. The device will feature iOS 7, which will allow you to record videos at 120 frames per second (FPS). The handset might also be holding a 12MP camera. The news about the improved camera are great, considering that the iPhones have the most used cameras of all smartphones. The display will probably be 4.3 inches big.

iPhone 5S retail box

iPhone 5S retail box

Specs wise, the iPhone 5S will come with a 5.92Whr battery, a 2MB front-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and NFC support, at a price tag around 300-400$. However, we don’t know in which design to believe, considering that a previous article shows us the device featuring the same old home button. Luckily, perhaps tomorrow we will already see the new handset and
will elucidate the problem with the design. The iPhone 5S will be a good phone, without a doubt, just like Apple got us used to. A little bit more patience will do no harm.

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