How to Experiment and Discover More with Science Journal

You know that Android has it all and this includes even various best science-centric apps that deserve all your attention. I am sure that I am not the only one with a general interest in science, so why not embracing this and letting your Android handset become a part of it?

Today I want to tell you more about an amazing app known as Science Journal that can do wonders at this chapter. The app is ideal for students and not only who like the idea of experimenting and discovering more using the phone’s built-in sensors, as well as compatible external sensors.

This is exactly what this app is prepared to do! Science Journal app makes it possible to use your phone’s sensors for science experiments. The app will guide you how to use microphone to measure noise level and compare it with other noise, how to use ambient light sensor to measure and light intensity and so on.

You practically have a world of possibilities in front of you: you have the chance to measure sound, light, motion and so on, using your phone’s built-in sensors, such as accelerometers, ambient light sensor, microphone, you can choose to add notes, images and other details to your experiments and keep things in order. There is enough space for all your questions, researches and ideas and much more than that and even if the number of sensors available to use is limited at this point, Google is clear about something: it revealed that it already works with scientists in order to improve the app.

Every time when you add data, the Science Journal app takes care of it and uses it for providing graphs of it in real time, which you can use to compare the data to the results from other experiment you have completed.

With these being said, it’s clear that the Science Journal app lets you capture and analyze data from the world around you. And if you have any doubts about the authenticity of its results, then let me tell you one more thing: the Science Journal app was initiated by Google, so stop worrying and be sure that the measurements are accurate.
The Science Journal app can be taken from the Google Play Store right away – use this link – so follow your instinct and give it a try!

Then, let me know if it proves to be of any help in the comments area from below.

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