Andrid addictive games: Badland is So Fun to Play

Badland is an amazing Android game that I can’t stop playing! Yes, I know that saying that it’s addictive might not be the best way to start its presentation, but it’s the truth and I see no reason for hiding such a thing.

As Android smartphones and tablets become more and more powerful each year, it seems that this affects the game developers too. They are doing their best to port their titles over to the platform or are building new ones. I am not lying when I say that there is a world of possibilities out there and Badland is one of those possibilities worthy of your full attention.

Haven’t you heard of it? It’s time to change that! Badland gained popularity as long as it is so well designed and fun to play. To be more precise, it is an Android based 2D side-scrolling platform game set in a gorgeously stunning forest where you must navigate obstacles and complete levels.

Despite of the fact that the forest initially looks beautiful, you can be sure that there is something wrong with it. That’s where you come in as you have to control a forest dweller to find out what’s actually happening in the forest. For that, you must escape from so many obstacles and traps that you will not have a minute to get bored. As for your rivals, you must do anything to survive and I really mean it.

The game is almost four years old, but trust me when I say that it doesn’t feel like that at all. On the contrary, it was made for the Android platform, it’s relaxes you and makes you want more and more, it has intuitive one-touch controls, an innovative level design and lots of mystery too! This seems the recipe for success, that’s for sure!

The game is free to try, but there is something that you should know about from the start. Sadly, you have to play for the later levels.

Give a try to this game from here! Choose the SINGLE PLAYER campaign with no less than 100 unique levels and even more coming in the next updates or the MULTIPLAYER mode for up to four players on the same Android handset in 23 levels and more content in future updates, not to mention the COOPERATIVE mode for up to no less than four players. As for its compatibility, Badland is designed for Android phones, tablets, as well as Android TV, so what more could you be asking for?

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