How to Get your Work Done with Android Kaizala

Microsoft is more than serious about its Android apps and Kaizala is another proof for that. This app is simply perfect for all those who think that they need some help when it comes to managing their everyday business on chat. Could you be one of them too?

In case of not knowing, Kaizala is an Android work chat app, so it can simplify your business related works like tracking bills, jobs, or location, sharing useful information and not only. And the app is completely free and an Android exclusive, so this is your lucky day!

Kaizala also brings your communication with the team, the partners and customers to one place. Microsoft made tracking your resources (people, time, as well as money) as simple as it can be by sending an ‘action’ in your chat. It’s just like Skype, but even better than that as you have more control over everything! It is only up to you to organize your team just as you want: I am talking about a single chat for everyone, or opening a new chat for each project or team.

So, communicating is possible thanks to a simple chat interface. You can create chat rooms to talk to your partners, associates, colleagues, and so on, not to mention that the app also supports various quick actions to make the most out of the conversations you initiated. Even more, you also have the possibility to assign and track the status of pending jobs. At the same time, you can easily request and share somebody’s availability on any future date, or easily share images and other attachments, you can use the Bill Submit option in order to capture and share a bill photo along with other information to manage your bills on the move and you can also Create & Assign Jobs and Share Attachments.

Kaizala doesn’t need a computer, a laptop or a server to work – this is another advantage that you should take in consideration from the start. All you really have to do is to download the app and enjoy it (keep in mind that it works even on 2G).

That is why I say that Kaizala could really prove useful for small and mid-sized business. They can keep track of their employees, they can communicate, track locations, share or request location updates and much more. Don’t you think that you should also give it a try?

You can use this direct link to grab it!

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