Give a try to Vector 2 on Android

Vector was very popular years ago and I am sure of the fact that there are plenty of gamers around the world glad to give a try to Vector 2 as well. After the amazing success of Vector, I can only expect getting the best from the sequel title known as Vector 2.

This game, just like the original Vector, has amazing graphics and the protagonist that runs for his life, an intense gameplay with procedurally generated environment and amazing animations that make you forget that you are in a story. Speaking of that, the game story is a bit similar to the previous version too. The protagonist runs across the screen while trying to fight for his life. However, this might not be as easy as you might expect as long as there are lasers and landmines and an environment full of dangers at every step.

When it comes to Controls, they also made me think of the previous version that I know so well. You practically get various on-screen gestures such as right, up and down swipe which are to be performed at the right time so that actions like dodges, dives, and dips can be executed at the right time.

What I like this time is the good equipment waiting for you. Try out experimental high-tech gear that will help you survive (just for a little longer, that’s for sure) and as you go on you unlock various acrobatic moves that can protect you from deadly lasers and landmines. Then there’s the fixed infinite loading, as well as fixed squares on character, along with all those new rewards for some assignments.

However, I can’t say the same thing about the upgrade mechanism. It’s more complicated that it should be, but maybe not all gamers think the same.

Vector 2 is free to download, so if you are curious, don’t hesitate to take it right now from the Google play store and start running! Use this link for getting there!

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