Focus your Attention towards Hook,a new Android puzzle game

You don’t know how lucky I am! Thanks to the nature of my job, I spend a few hours almost each day testing out some of the new games for the Android platform. Even though my job is to write about games, I first have to play them and this is fun, even though not all games are what they pretend to be.

These days I focused my attention towards an amazing puzzle game that offers exactly what it promises. I am referring to Hook, a game that might seem easy, but it isn’t at all.

You might be a little disappointed at first and you might say that it’s way too easy for you, but give it some time and as you proceed to further levels, things will end up being so difficult that solving some puzzles might even seem impossible.

The gameplay will become more and more engaging: your main goal is to remove the hooks in the right order so that they don’t touch. In order to do that, you practically have to tap on the solid circle. Your action will practically pull the hook at the end of the line it’s connected to back and make it disappear. You must do the very same thing with all the hooks to clear the screen and proceed to the next level.

Do these sound way too simple for your skills and preferences? The first 15 levels are indeed pretty straightforward, without much challenge to them, but things will soon change. Just have patience until reaching some advanced levels, like 30-35. You’ll need to follow the lines correctly and trust me when I say that some levels will test your planning skills in ways you are not expecting! There are also cases when hooks will start to overlap and you’ll have to decide which hook you will pull back first as long as a hook crashing with other will restart the level. And I like that circles are introduced too, circles that have multiple connections, circles that can rotate and change how the connections move, and more.

The difficulty of the game increases, but things are made that way that you quickly understand the new mechanics that get introduced without much issue.

Controls in this puzzle game are simple and rather intuitive, the experience is challenging and the soundtrack relaxing, so are you prepared to win all its 50 levels? If so, I don’t want to hide something from you: the same isn’t available for free, but it won’t empty your bank accounts either. In fact, it can be enjoyed for less than $0.50 with no ads and in-game purchases to bug you when you have fun.

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