Try Out Maestria that Revolves around Music and Melodies

In case of looking for some boredom killing activities, what do you feel about gaming? To be honest, I love to exercise my brain with puzzle games and Google Play helps me with that huge collection of mind-boggling Android puzzle games. Today I want to present you one of my favorites: I am talking about Maestria which is an amazing puzzle game that revolves around music and melodies.

If the name sounds familiar, let me remind you that Maestria has been available on Android since 2015, but only as a paid app ($2 and had no In-App Purchase). This is not a fortune, but I am sure that many of you will like to hear that it finally went free.

I must warn you from the start that all those rumors about the fact that the style resembles that of Monument Valley are not a lie, but I can assure you that the gameplay itself is totally different and much better. Your mission is precise: you must do your best to bring back harmony to the world and this can be done by ringing bells. I know how weird this sounds at first, but you will get used to it and I am sure that you will end up loving it.

This puzzle game is practically split up into eight different worlds that have their own set of puzzles to solve (there are no less than 160 levels total). I have already told you that your goal is to ring the colored bells, but you have to do it in the correct order on each stage before you can move on. Yes, I know that this sounds easy enough, but things get more and more difficult as you go.

You must move Fugue around and in some levels, you can move the bells too. Once you are done arranging everything and you are sure you have found the correct order to play the sound, tap on Fugue and the character will release a sound wave from the wand and bells will begin to ring as this sound wave passes through them. It isn’t always a simple thing to do to play the sound in the given rhythm to clear the level. Even more, there are times when the little Fugue cannot freely move, or some bells can be pushed around while others can’t, and some will simply move on their own. And there will also be some obstacles that block your way in later levels, so will you finally manage to find a solution to all those 160 levels of the game?

As for the soundtrack, the music is so calming and catchy, so you practically have everything that you need. This fame should not be overlooked as you browse the Google Play these days or if I have already convinced you, then the download link for Maestria is waiting for you right here.

If this game is not what you were expecting at, then try out some other Interesting Android Puzzle Games such as Color Switch or The Room.

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