How to Solve the LG G5 Overheating Problems

Has your LG G5 or its battery started to get a little warmer than usual? If you are looking for a way to understand what is happening, to check the temperature of your battery and get rid of this problem, then you are in the right place. I know that it can be hard not to worry when your device is running hot, but if you can get to the cause, you should be able to solve the problem, or, at least, stop it from repeating it.

Newer devices are more optimized than ever before which should make them more appropriate for use, thus cooler, but there are not airplanes. Your LG G5 is just a smartphone, so how things could be any different if you are using it all day long for demanding tasks? For example, playing games is often the most common causes of overheating as long as games tend to push hardware to the limit, and your LG G5 will start to overheat depending on how demanding the game is.

Then, there are big chances to be the result of your mistake of overusing the phone. You just need to separate your life from technology and use your smartphone only when you really need it. Taking it with you at the bathroom or in bed while sleeping is way too much, don’t you think?

We’ve seen a lot of complaints about the LG G5 overheating, or at least getting way too warm, so let’s do something about this problem. If you’re not quite sure whether it’s your LG G5 phone acting out crazy or just heating up due to some of the mistakes that you are repeating, here you can find a few little tricks that can help you narrow things down a bit.

How to Solve LG G5 Overheating Problems:

  • If you notice the overheating primarily when charging, then you can do a couple of things to combat it. First of all, don’t use the LG G5 while it’s plugged in and charging;
  • Try a simple restart. Hold down the Power button and the Volume down button together for no more than a few seconds and your LG G5 should reboot right away;
  • If you’re not running anything demanding tasks, then you should simply kill any apps running in the background;
  • Have you ever tried to turn your phone off during the day? Or to leave it “awake” even in the night hours? It may sound crazy and impossible at first, but when you don’t need your phone to be on, why don’t you shut it down and let it take a break too?;
  • Give a try to Coolify. If you haven’t heard of it up to this point, let me remind you that this is a special app that can be used to help prevent overheating on your LG G5. By constantly measuring the temperature values of the device, it offers information that helps you keep the best internal temperature and even to extend the life of your battery. I must tell you that you do require root access on your device for Coolify to work, but the results are surprising;
  • Using your device in the sun can cause a rapid overheat rapidly, which can lead to battery damage and overheating errors, so avoid such situations;
  • If your device is becoming extremely hot while charging it, turn it off and remove it from the charger. You probably know all about those stories about chargers and devices exploding while plugged in, but that’s usually due to third-party wires or hardware fault, so let’s hope that it’s not your case. Just wait for it to cool down completely before turning it back on again;
  • Back up everything precious first and then, don’t hesitate to hard reset it.

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2 Responses

  1. Olive in PR says:

    > don’t use the LG G5 while it’s plugged in and charging;

    Huh? I would *NEVER* buy a phone that had so many problems…. that you recommend not even
    using it just because it’s changing.

  2. Steve Potts says:

    Turning off your phone, to fix an issue of LG’s doing?

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