How to Fix Earphone Sound on Realme C1

Dirac has been partners with Oppo since 2012, so all Oppo smartphones launched after the end of 2015 have been equipped with Dirac speaker optimization and earphone optimization technologies. Should this be a good thing or not? It depends on how you see things. The Dirac Power Sound technology is there to empower the small, built-in speaker to outperform even much larger ones, achieving a more natural, and balanced sound with higher volume and a more powerful bass.

At the same time, Dirac HD Sound delivers unique acoustic optimization tailor-made for the earbuds that come with the latest Oppo smartphones, improving their performance. As for the Dirac Sensaround feature, this widens and externalizes the soundstage of the headphone playback.

As you can imagine, this should create an immersive multi-dimensional listening experience no matter what headphones Oppo users listen with, but things don’t always work as planned.

No one likes the earphone sound on Realme C1 and there’s no nicer way of saying it. If you own this smartphone, you will notice the sound when you use an earphone is a little weird. How to fix this? The key is one of the previously mentioned features, of course.

Forget about Sensaround

The good news is that there is actually nothing wrong with the speakers or the sound itself. The Realme C1 smartphone that you own has one special feature that is enabled by default and causes this. I am talking about Sensaround which promises that immersive multi-dimensional listening experience, but it offers us something else instead.

Sorry Oppo, but that’s the truth! There is no original sound in full fidelity and no joy to use it. What can you do about it? You should just disable the feature and the sound coming out from your phones would be normal. Find your way into Sound and Vibration, then toggle off Sensaround. Do you notice the difference too?

I hope that you do. In case you have questions or suggestions of some kind, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

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