How to Solve Galaxy S7 Laggy TouchWiz Problem

Galaxy S7 is very fast and no one can deny that. When benchmarking it, the Galaxy S7 smartphone tops 130K on AnTuTu and you shouldn’t be surprised of that. The Exynos 8890 (or Snapdragon 820) processor, accompanied by no less than 4GB of RAM and the most recent Android 6 software are all elements that make the S7 a one of a kind phone in terms of power.

The experience itself is generally very smooth and the Galaxy S7 feels much more responsive than the S6 and despite of all these I still find the Galaxy S7 lagging and taking far longer than it should to launch apps or menus.

I know that I am not crazy or looking for the impossible, but these are the symptoms of the TouchWiz skin. I’ve spent years and years complaining about TouchWiz, about how bloated and laggy and clumsy it was and things are much better now. However they are not as good as they should or could be, so if are also unhappy with TouchWiz, then there are various tips for solving the Galaxy S7 Laggy TouchWiz problems.

First of all, you can try installing a third-party launcher, such as the Google Now one or Nova launcher, is the easiest way to speed up your phone. This gives your device a completely new face, it changes the theme, the icon style, wallpaper and animations as well, making your phone more responsive than it ever was up to that point.

Others are simply pleased to teak it a little bit and turn off specific features like S-Voice or by disabling Samsung’s bloatware apps. One of the biggest annoyances of the whole TouchWiz experience is given by all those pre-installed “bloatware” apps, which in most cases, can’t be disabled or uninstalled without root (read How to Root your Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos Model and How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos Variant on Marshmallow). To get rid of some of these pesky apps, I’d suggest using a Windows program called Debloater, which allows you to easily disable any app on your system—even if you’re not rooted.

Once you’ve removed some of those Samsung stock TouchWiz apps, don’t hesitate to replace them with their stock Android equivalents. I am talking about the Google Calendar, Google Clock, Google Photos apps and not only which are definitely worthy of your attention.

Are you enjoying the new feel of your Galaxy S7 after applying these simple tweaks? If all these not enough for you and you simply hate TouchWiz, then root your phone and get a fresh start where everything is possible. I am really annoyed about the fact that there is no other way to completely remove the quick settings from the top of the Settings menu and app drawer organization is far from what it should be, so could rooting be your option too?

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2 Responses

  1. Sasha says:

    That’s why you SHOUDN’T buy Samsung, lads.

    • Stevles says:

      Mhm, my Note 4 is laggy and I thought this bs would have been fixed with the S6 and definitely by now with the S7. Unbelievable that after all these years Samsung bloat is still causing problems.

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