Galaxy S7 Edge is Perfect for Those who Love Taking Selfies

Things have drastically changed in the past few years when it comes to the cameras from our Android smartphones. The truth is that megapixels no longer matter and there are plenty of other factors to take in consideration when it comes to making and even choosing a great mobile camera. Let’s take Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge example which has fewer megapixels (only 12-megapixels as opposed to 16 as before) than the Galaxy S6, but this doesn’t affect the handset itself.

Despite of the fact that the actual amount of pixels in the sensor is less, there are plenty of other major improvements here that you should know about from the start. As for the 5-megapixel front-facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this if full of surprises for all those who love taking selfies.

There are times when it might be impossible to ask someone else to take a photo of you and selfies are a part of our life too. So, I am glad to tell you that besides the usual camera options like setting white balance, being able to adjust color tones, or HDR mode, Samsung has also added new features such as a Selfie Flash feature that lights the display up to help illuminate your face when the lighting is great. It will flash bright and white, and it’s a very nice solution to this constant problem without having to jam more hardware into the phone.

Even more, there is also a special Motion Photo feature supported for selfies, so the story is pretty simple: you practically have to take a photo, and the Galaxy S7 Edge phone will also attach the few seconds of video leading up to that moment. This is a perfect method to get more out of your memories, though you can’t share the “motion” part of that photo with anyone else — it’s only for you and the ones that you want to personally show it to.

And don’t forget about that Beauty mode that many love as it can smooth over skin, enlarge eyes and adjust the lighting to make you look better than ever. Some say that this is actually too much, but to tell you truth, I have no issue with the idea of having a simple option to smooth out images a little. You just have to keep in mind that less is more and too many changes are not working in your favor.

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