Timestamp Camera Photos has No Pop-up Ads to Drive you Mad

Automatic time stamping has become important to many Android users. And fortunately, there is a wide selection of apps for this purpose, so what to choose? PhotoStamp Camera has often been my recommendation. This might first seem as a complete package and yes, it’s quite close to that. Sadly, this free app comes with inconvenient pop-ups. And I don’t know what you might have in mind, but it doesn’t offer filters that can improve your photographs or a watermark stamping option.

So, are you still exploring other options? Let me help you out. Timestamp Camera Photos isn’t a free app – this is something to know from the start. But the good news is that it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t have any pop-up ads to drive you mad.

This app ads auto timestamps on photos as you take them using built-in camera, and also allows adding date and time stamp to gallery photos with single or batch options.

And that’s not all…

Even more, it comes with a variety of fonts in many styles. But before you choose the font, you’d need to add the Camera folder path manually. If you don’t take care of this aspect, the app will add watermarks to any new photos, even if this isn’t your initial intention.

For changing the path, just follow these steps: swipe left, select Settings and tap on Camera Folder Path (the third option from the top). Open the Camera and tap on a random picture to set the path. Having done that, go back and choose a timestamp style and select a position. You can also Add watermark to multiple images from your gallery at once. Since this is an app dedicated exclusively to Timestamps, it doesn’t allow you to add other kinds of stamps.

And remember that Auto Timestamp function will not work if your built-in camera app stores its photos on an external SD card. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you about that.

Timestamp camera photos – Auto timestamp on photos is waiting for you.

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