How to Play the Mercurial Story Platform Game

We’re at a point now where smartphones are powerful enough to handle high-definition graphics and intense gameplay with ease and this means more fun for you. Why are these latest games so addictive? Well, you can play them quickly, just when you need a moment (or two) for yourself, they have such easy controls, but it’s still surprisingly difficult to get a high score even in such conditions.

And they are fun, with ideas that you have never heard about before, just as it happens with the game that I want to tell you more about today. I am talking about the Mercurial Story Platform Game and trust me when I say that it is fully worthy of your attention.

This platform game is about a moody guy who is doomed to fight between happiness and anger all the time. It features 18 levels with a strange gravity and in the last 4 levels you will see a brand new mechanics (Puzzle-like) with pushable blocks, making the game even more interesting.

This game might remind you of Mario, but there is nothing wrong about that. Quite the opposite, this makes me think of a recipe for success and don’t leave aside the fact that the developers also offer a prize if you complete this game. What’s the prize? Well, you have to discover that on your own as I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

You have to check it out, especially as long as the Mercurial Story Platform Game waits for you right here.

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