Bitmoji can be Your Personal Emoji

In the beginning of the past year, Bitmoji made the big change as it was acquired by Snapchat for no less than $100 million. What this app does is let you create your own emoji. And besides that, after the acquisition, Snapchat also added the ability to send your own bitmojis via chat or snaps.

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji, so feel free to create an expressive cartoon avatar and then, send them to your friends and family. If you can’t do any of these things, then it’s alright as long as Bitmoji is already a great app with a lot of awesome features to choose from! Select from a huge library of stickers and Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat. Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

I don’t know about others, but I must tell you the fact that I personally love this Android app!! It’s so fun, especially since we can use the emoji in snapchat now, but I have to agree with all those who ask the developers: let us post on Facebook too!

And I am disappointed about the fact that when I want to use bitmoji on my keyboard, it sometimes says that I have to go to settings and let bitmoji on your keyboard (even if I’ve done that a hundred times before).

In such a case, I am used to restart my phone and it’s much better, but the truth is that it takes a while and I don’t like it at all cause time is so precious these days. And maybe I am asking for too much, but I would like to see the developers making it so you can customize your outfit for a Holiday like Christmas. They should make a bunch of Christmas outfits and label them under Christmas and so on.

I also like to see some scrubs, and maybe an option for customizing clothes as long as I do like the clothes, but even without all these, Bitmoji is a great option.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji can be taken from here right away.

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