Contacts+ can be your New Address Book Replacement

Contacts+ is the address book replacement that you were looking for. Let me tell you from the start that this app can organize all your contacts and integrates with your social media accounts and communications like no other app. Are you also interested on such a topic?

The Contacts+ app automatically imports information from linked social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, allowing you to access them all in one place. Cover pictures can automatically be filled in from Facebook or Google+, and you can even view your recent communications from each contact. This means you can keep conversation histories for all your friends, family and colleagues and never forget something important that you have talked about at one point, as distant as it might actually be.

The app’s includes beautiful contacts design, integrated dialer, smart contacts, birthday reminders, and not only and I have to also tell you about the support for Android Wear. With it, just a bump of fist is all it takes to be able to transfer contacts and share information. You can also get text alerts from your wrist, see the latest messages and even reply to the ones that you want by simply using voice commands.

The integration functions really works well, but there might be some instances where contacts may be lost. I am sure that this is not what you have in mind, so be careful! And don’t say that I have not warned you about that!

Are you willing to accept such a chance? Then, feel free to download the app known as Contacts + now with the help of this link and forget all about your limited stock app as long as things can be so much better than what you have now! Just try it out and you will see!

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