How to Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp with Root & Xposed Framework

Facebook has tried to challenge the monopoly of YouTube as a video sharing platform, however it isn’t there just yet. There a lot of manual methods available to share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp, but do you know for sure what you have to do? All may tell you to download video from Facebook using different tricks and then send the downloaded video using WhatsApp, but do they always work? You already know the answer to that, so let me show you how to share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp with root and Xposed Framework.

I can only hope that rooting isn’t an issue for you. Rooting is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking, so this is your chance of unlocking the operating system, so you can update the OS, prolong the battery life of your handset, install unapproved apps, deleted those that you will never use or the unwanted bloatware, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, and more.

So, if you have a rooted Android smartphone and Xposed Framework installed, you are good to go:

How to Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp with Root & Xposed Framework:

  1. First of all, take a special Xposed module called Xposed One Tap Facebook Module from here;
  2. The module also requires an application known as Xposed One Tap Download, so grab it from here as well;
  3. Activate the Xposed Module;
  4. Then, you must reboot your device;
  5. The next time you’re browsing Facebook via the official app, a finger icon will appear in the left corner of your status bar when you scroll to a video. This wasn’t there before, right?;
  6. Pull down the notification shade by swiping from the top edge of your screen;
  7. Now, you see the following options: Download, Play or Open;
  8. Choose Download to download the video to your device storage;
  9. When the video finishes downloading, a new notification will be displayed. Tap on it to view the video;
  10. Now, feel free to share it like any other picture or video on your device via WhatsApp.

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