Learn to Get Free WI-FI Anywhere You might Go

Well, the best Wi-Fi is free and there is no reason to deny it. Despite of the fact that a Wi-Fi cloud is not covering the entire planet at this point, you can find free Wi-Fi almost anywhere, if you know where to look.

So, how to do that? Let me tell you that I have been looking for more tips and tricks that can help you stay connected.

Here’s how to find Wi-Fi while on the go, especially for free and you’ll never be without complimentary Wi-Fi again! Just remember that open hotspots aren’t as secure as private ones, so be careful about entering or sending sensitive information when connected to one.

Learn to Get Free WI-FI Anywhere you go:

  1. Do I have to remind you that a lot of businesses offer free Wi-Fi? Go to Starbucks or McDonalds and you won’t regret it. Even more, your job is to discover other similar places do and remember them. Is this too much for you? Keep looking for other options;
  2. Then, you should know about Free Zone which comes as an Android app that automatically discovers which of the hotspots around you that actually work. The point is that you can get access to Wi-Fi passwords shared by others to access local cafes’ or restaurants’ hotspots as long as the app automatically notifies you if you’re near one of the 5 million hotspots in its database;
  3. Let me tell you more about WiFi Map. Well, this is one of the most popular apps, featuring 100 million WiFi hotspots available in its global database and even more, you should know the fact that it comes with useful options such as map navigation, tips, passwords, and customer support;
  4. You can also open the Facebook app and tap the More tab and open up Find WiFi with your Android device. This feature will help you find nearby sources of free, public Wi-Fi. Choose from a list of businesses in your area, and see the opening hours alongside the network names. Not all businesses have opted-in to have their networks listed at this point, but it’s a start, that’s for sure;
  5. Some of the big cable networks offer Wi-Fi access a freebie in their subscription deals. Don’t hesitate to call customer service to find out if you have any data access included in your subscription. This is not technically free, but I am sure that it won’t cost you a fortune either.

Here I also have a few safety tips when browsing:

  • Don’t hesitate to check for HTTPS in the search bar to make sure the website you’re using is secure. It should be accompanied by a locked padlock symbol, along with the word “Secure” to the left of the HTTPS;
  • Verify that your antivirus software is up-to-date and don’t even think of not using one;
  • Use a VPN – you should also choose a VPN that offers bank-level encryption to ensure you’re 100% protected.

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