Grab Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Stock Wallpapers

There is no secret that we are heading towards the official release of the Galaxy Note 8. With just a few days left for the big launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung’s major flagship, it seems that the device is in the center of attention. However, nothing is known for sure if we take in consideration what happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

That disaster made a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note fans lose their hope with the next Note device, but I am honestly glad to discover that all those rumors about Samsung ending up discontinuing its Note series are nothing more than simple rumors. Samsung cleared such claims and if you don’t believe it, a while ago we have seen a first leaked picture of the Galaxy Note 8 displayed a stock wallpaper of the phone.

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The wallpaper had 2 people enjoying the sunset by the bank of a river. The wallpaper looks absolutely beautiful, but things have moved fast and now I am talking about a number of no less than 13 official stock wallpapers of the Galaxy Note 8 that have been leaked and that can be grabbed right away into your own Android device.

All these 13 wallpapers are of 2560 x 2560 pixels resolution, so you may not be able to set the full wallpaper on your device as some of the corners might get cropped. Therefore, don’t hesitate to resize them to fit your screen.

Even more, you should be careful about the fact that the overall size of the file is around 63 megabytes, yet I am mostly talking about wallpapers with images of landscape shots of beaches and lakes, so these are indeed pretty pictures you’d love to use as wallpapers.

And yes, it’s true that they will probably come with the Note 8 itself when it’s announced this month, but if you don’t want to wait, you can grab them right now on any other device.

Take right away.

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