How to Fix LG V30 Back Button Not Working Problem

The LG V30 is a rock-solid alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and its price makes the difference. With every new phone release, we see reports about small problems. Like usual, V30 owners are complaining about battery issues, WiFi drops, GPS issues, wet speaker problems and the examples may continue.

It depends on you how you deal with these problems and I bet that you will mostly discover that there is no issue that cannot be solved by you or by someone specialized. Before getting there, however, see if there is something that you can do and here I come with another example on how to fix the LG V30 Back button not working problem.

Well, the back button can sometimes be unresponsive and not working properly. The type of button on the LG V30 are what they call touch buttons. They are the kind that light up when you give it a tap. They also light up when the device is powered on, indicating that the smartphone is functioning properly. Therefore, it seems that a lot of owners presume that if the light is not lit up on the back button, that it’s broken.

Let’s take a closer look at this guide:

Fix LG V30 Back Button Not Working:

  1. First of all, you have to unlock the LG V30 device;
  2. Tap on the Menu page and open Settings;
  3. Tap on the Quick Settings;
  4. After that, select Power Saving;
  5. Then, access Power Saving Mode;
  6. Next is to access Restrict Performance;
  7. Finally, uncheck the box next to Turn off touch key light.

After all of that is finished, you will see that the lighting of the two touch keys on the LG V30 will be switched back on.

If this simple guide will not solve your screen issue on LG V30, you should better bring your device to the retailer or an authorized repair shop. After all, they have all the power to check for material or factory defects and then repair or replace your device.

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