Enjoy Haven: Keep Watch (BETA) on Android

All latest video surveillance technologies let users remotely view footage from their desktops and Android smartphones. The result is a real-time insight of what is actually happening at home or at work, offering you that piece of mind that you need in so many cases. As video surveillance capabilities continue to evolve, so are the Android apps that you can use and today I want to tell you more about Haven Keep Watch (BETA).

Haven is created by The Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press Foundation, being ideal for all those who are looking for a simple method to protect their personal spaces and possessions. I have to tell you from the very start the fact that there might be quite a few bugs since this is a part of a public beta, but all initial reviews are positive and the way that the app functions is unique.

Unlike other surveillance applications that can only make use of your phone’s camera and microphone, Haven is able to tap into all of its on-device sensors so that it can detect motion, sound, light, as well as vibrations. Even more, the very same app that I am telling you about combines these sensors with the world’s most secure communications technologies that we all know of such as Signal and Tor.

You can use Haven to choose what kind of things you want it to detect while the app is running, therefore you can choose to turn off the camera if you just want to place your phone on a table or somewhere discreet in order to simply listen for any strange noises.

And understand from the start the fact that Haven only saves images and sound when triggered by motion or volume, and stores everything locally on the device. So, you can get secure notifications of intrusion events instantly and access the logs remotely or anytime later.

Do you want to try it out? Feel free to grab Haven: Keep Watch (BETA) right away.

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