How to Clean and Boost your LG V30

If you have an Android phone, then I am sure of the fact that you already know that can customize it to fit your needs. But there’s always room for improvement as there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your Android smartphone right now. As you fill up your LG V30 with all the latest apps, new photos, videos, files, and so on, you know what it happens: it starts to get sluggish, the battery runs out faster, and it gets harder and harder to find what you need among all the clutter.

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Don’t you think that it’s time to Clean and Boost your LG V30 smartphone? You know what I usually tell you: you have to reboot it occasionally, back it up, offload large files and unused apps, organize those that you keep, and make sure it’s always up to date with the latest security patches, but this guide is special for what you need.

Clean Master Phone Boost will do wonders with your LG V30, so don’t hesitate to follow the given steps:

How to Clean and Boost your LG V30:

  1. Find the Clean Master app and download it from Google Play Store;
  2. Then, you have to install it;
  3. Start the Application. Google Play Store;
  4. Then, you have to choose the Junk Files icon and click on it;
  5. Grant the permission to access your device;
  6. After a quick scanning you should be able to see all the junk files this app has found. If you wish to clean it, click on the option that says Clean Junk;
  7. You should see the notification that your LG handset has been cleaned and how much of the Junk Files have been deleted.

With the help of the very same app, you can also choose to cool down the CPU, handle your notifications, monitor battery status to prevent overcharging, and even locate your device in case if losing it or having it stolen.

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