How to Enjoy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 1.1.0 on Android

Are you prepared to embark on your own adventure in this all new Android game, years before Harry Potter received his Hogwarts letter? What could be better than this? After all, in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery you are chosen to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and your own letter has just arrived. The game takes place in the wizarding world and it is your unique chance to learn powerful magic and knowledge from the teachers that you already love and make strong alliances to beat your enemies.

After all, Harry Potter is a famous fiction story that rules over a heart of millions of people irrespective of their ages and you can become a part of it too. How? It is very simple!

Take classes for learning and mastering magical tricks like brewing potions and casting spells, learn to unlock new characters, spells, potions and locations, customize your student avatar, bond with your amazing housemates to win the House Cup and much more. Yes, that is quite an adventure waiting for you.

Hogwarts Mystery is free to download and play, yet there is something that you should know from the start. In order to install APK files from other sources, you must find the way into Setting >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. You must check this option in order to install the file placed bellow and rest assured that it is safe. Out of the box, your Android handset only allows you to install apps from a single source: the Google Play Store, yet there are more options than you imagine if you want to open yourself up to content from elsewhere.

How to Enjoy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 1.1.0 on Android:

  1. First of all, you need to download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 1.1.0 APK for Android;
  2. Then, don’t hesitate to copy the downloaded APK on your Android device;
  3. Tap the downloaded APK to start the installation process;
  4. After doing all these, there is nothing stopping you from running Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on your Android handset. Just have fun and let me know what is your favorite part of the game!

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