Get Music Lyrics with Lyrics Grabber

I must tell you from the start that there are quite a few lyrics apps that are worth using every day and it is not the end of the world if they are not from Google Play. And I can assure you of the fact that they are available for free as I really see no reason for paying in the first place with so many free options out there to choose from.

Lyrics Grabber is the app that I want to tell you more about even if it isn’t available in the Google play store anymore. You’ll have to sideload it from an external source, but the result is guaranteed when it comes to conveniently getting music lyrics. Lyrics Grabber is basically a special app that lets you read the lyrics of any song you download to your Android device. It works in a really simple way, recognizing all the songs on the handset when you open the app. By tapping the song name, you can automatically see its lyrics.

However, in case of having an uncommon version of a song, the app might not recognize, therefore there might be no lyrics to show. If this happens, you can choose to tap the browser button to search for the lyrics somewhere else or be the one who makes the difference and write the lyrics yourself from the application.

Things seem perfect up to this point, but I have to warn you about something: after upgrading to Android Oreo, some users claim that the app just doesn’t fetch lyrics anymore or even if it does, it takes a lot of time. Are you experiencing the same problem too?

And even if not everyone is pleased by the rough interface, I actually like that it is so dark and simple. The app does its job, so this should be the most important aspect of all. Take the app from here right away if you feel the same.

Hope this guide would be informative, but let me know if help is needed.

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