Avoid Peanut products with AllergyEats when You Eat Out

People who have anaphylactic reactions to peanuts should better read this guide since you don’t need me to tell you that if you are allergic to peanuts, there is also a high chance of also being allergic to tree nuts. Even more, peanuts and tree nuts often touch one another during manufacturing and serving processes, so there’s no joke in that.

To prevent a new reaction, it is very important to avoid peanut and peanut products. You are supposed to always read food labels to identify peanut ingredients and this isn’t an easy thing to do all the time. Do you need a little bit of help? In such a case, I have great app for you.

I am talking about AllergyEats and even if it won’t help you in the grocery store, it can definitely become ideal when you are planning to eat out. The app lets you search for nearby restaurants and get information about how accommodating each is for allergy sufferers. After all, peanuts can be found in surprising places.

To be more specific, all you have to do is to grab the app from this Google Play link and then, tell the app which foods you are allergic to, including peanuts and tree nuts. Like that, you’ll get a rating for your allergies for most restaurants in the search results (it’s on a five-point scale, with a 5.0 meaning an establishment is the most accommodating).

You know better than anyone else that while allergens are not always present in certain products, you can’t be too careful. African, Asian, as well as Mexican restaurant food, even if you order a peanut-free dish, come with the risk of cross-contact, not to mention the delicious Enchilada sauce, pizzas or pancakes.

Even more, I love the user comments for restaurants. They are the ones who honestly tell you how accommodating the staff was in a certain place and whether the accommodations were made or not in a polite manner. Don’t be so surprised to discover that AllergyEats is the leading guide to food allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States and I see no reason for not trying it out on your own too.

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