How to Sort Your Galaxy S9 Contacts by Last Name

By default, Android smartphones provide contacts lists (or address books, if you would like to call them like that) which sort contacts alphabetically by first name. But what if you like your contacts to be sorted by last name? It should be up to you and this guide will show you how simple is to sort your Galaxy S9 contacts by last name.

Well, the contact list on your Galaxy S9 may be very long and extremely disorganized and this could only lead to frustration. I personally hate browsing through hundreds of different entries and it’s even more annoying to accept that this is happening on a device like this one that costs a little fortune and promises top-notch performance.

Long story short, chances are you feel the same, so I am sure that you will be pleased to hear that you can make the contacts in your list be organized alphabetically by their last name. This is ideal for business, for your personal life, so waste no more time.

You can do it by reading below.

How to Sort Your Galaxy S9 Contacts by Last Name:

  1. First of all, make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is turned on;
  2. Then, you must navigate to the Home screen;
  3. While here, you have to choose the Menu option;
  4. Now, select the S9 Contacts option;
  5. Now, you have to select the MORE option in the overview section from the top;
  6. Tap on the Settings option;
  7. At this point, you have to select the option labeled as Sort from the new list of options that will open;
  8. You will be able to sort your phone contacts the way you want;
  9. You will see that the Sort option with “first name,” or “by default,” but you can change to “the last name.”

Like that, your contacts will be easily organized by following the instructions above and if you need any help, just ask for it and you will receive it.

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