Galaxy S9: How to Switch Off My Magazine Feature

Samsung’s My Magazine feature on the Galaxy S9 is not a new idea. You know that it can filter in news stories and social updates from various networks for easy access in just a swipe. Samsung Galaxy S9 is an excellent smartphone and stands apart from the crowd, but not due to this feature, I am sure of that. I don’t want to spoil the fun or anything, but you can be the judge in this case.

One of the most annoying aspects of the My Magazine feature is how it consumes the whole home screen. It is too much for some users who desperately look for a way to disable it, not to mention that while this may seem convenient, the limited functions, content providers, and customization make this feature not very useful.

Should I add that leaving the app running sometimes causes navigation troubles? It happened to me more than once and I know that I am not the only one saying it. And as if all these weren’t enough, My Magazine is capable of eating up some serious battery life in no time due to the constant notifications and updates it routinely goes through… Should I continue?

Assuming that you know all these and that you can add your own complains to the list, I am sure that you already made up your mind. If you don’t like My Magazine either, you can easily turn it off on your Galaxy S9; just follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Switch Off My Magazine Feature:

  1. At first, you must hold down any space on the home screen where there are no widgets or apps;
  2. At this point, the home screen edit feature will pop up on the screen. You can then access it to change the entire appearance of your Galaxy S9 home screen, including My Magazine;
  3. At this point, simply un-check the My Magazine option. This action will disable the feature completely;
  4. Exit the settings screen and come back to the home screen to confirm that the magazine app has been disabled;
  5. Later, if you change your mind, just follow the very same procedure and check the My Magazine option.

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