Solve Email Attachment Error on Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9model is one of the best smartphones of the moment because of its incredible features and gorgeous look, but despite all these, it is said to have a few small issues that many of you are no strangers of. Well, one of the more common issues is when you cannot open an attachment, which can be really frustrating, yet every problem also has a solution, be sure of that.

The “Before you can Download The Attachment, You Must Download the Email” error is the one that I am talking about and you know how things usually work in such cases. If you also have checked your inbox after a notification came and tried downloading it, but the attachment inside the email is failing, chances are you are experiencing a small issue with the app.

Therefore, worry not as there is no real problem with your Galaxy S9. And I know what you must be thinking of, but you don’t have to reset the Email Account or hard reset your handset (this is a procedure for another time, when your handset is overloaded with apps and running slower than ever before, when you have made the mistake of downloading a recent update and it’s causing problems with your phone’s functionality, when the phone lags and nothing makes it work like before and so on), but simply follow the tip below:

Well, all you must do in such a case is to scroll through the body of the email, from the beginning to the bottom part. Like that, all the content found there will be loaded automatically as long as you’re connected to the Wifi connection or your carrier’s mobile data.

After that, just try downloading the attachment again and your Samsung Galaxy S9 handset shouldn’t show any sort of error anymore. Has this simple trick worked for you too? I hope that it did and if you know any other way of getting rid of this problem, you know how to find us!

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