How to Add SMS Tone on your Moto Z2 Force

Android users don’t have to satisfy with what their get on their handset; they can choose how their phone looks and functions, they can use widgets to interact with the apps without even having to open any of them, use custom icons and the best sounds and wallpapers and your Moto Z2 Force handset is no exception to that.

I find it an essential procedure to change your default SMS tone to custom ringtones on Moto Z2 series, since you can choose either a notification sound preloaded to your device or to upload a personalized tone.

You are allowed to use these sounds for one or all contacts on your contact list and let me tell you why I love the first option better. Well, I don’t have to look any longer at my home screen to have an idea of who is calling. I know it from the start, so the element of surprise is gone, at least for my most frequently used Moto Z2 Force contacts, including family members, colleagues and best friends.

If you want the same for your Motorola handset, then this procedure will show you how to do it. Here are the detailed steps:

How to Add SMS Tone on your Moto Z2 Force:

  1. First of all, you have to find the Dial app;
  2. Up next, search and select the individual contact you want to set a ringtone for;
  3. Press the pen-shaped icon to bring up details about the contact;
  4. Click on the Ringtone button;
  5. A window will come up with all your sounds;
  6. Then, you need to tap on the desired song and this will solve the issue; at the same time, if you can’t find it, I have another sugestion for you: waste no more time and search for it in your device storage by pressing the ‘Add’ button. I can only hope that it is indeed there, as you remember!

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