How to Get Alerted when Camera and Mic are Being Used

Your desktop’s webcam probably has a basic indicator to tell you when it’s on, but your Android phone does not have such a thing. If you’re concerned about certain apps using your camera or microphone when you’re not aware of it, I totally get you. Things like that happen all the time and you should better learn how to get alerted when camera and mic of your device are being used.

CameraMicAlert from the Google Play Store is my answer for you, an app that works perfectly on all of the latest Android devices and accurately tell you if camera and mic are being used. This app communicates with the core camera and mic interface built into Android to detect if the camera or mic is in use by malware or software and then, it alerts you by updating an ongoing notification in the notification menu.

In other words, CameraMicAlert will act as your privacy protector from various malicious apps, but you still have to be careful about a few essential things. So, even with the app running in the background, always make sure that you grab all your apps from safe sources. You have no excuse for not doing that!

How to Get Alerted when Camera and Mic are Being Used:

  1. First and foremost, install CameraMicAlert from the Google Play Store;
  2. Then, you have to open the app and grant the permission to allow it to access camera and mic, along with other special permissions;
  3. This app will run on background. After a boot, you can do what you want on your device and forget about the app, but you will still receive the alerts that you’ve wanted from the start;
  4. So, if your camera or mic is being used by an app, CameraMicAlert will send you a notification saying they are being used. You see a notification on the status bar indicating if the camera is being used or not and the app will also detect if it is the front or back camera that is being used.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, you can ask me in the comments. And if you have some other tips to get usch an alert, do share with us.

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