Galaxy S4 Active to Receive Android 4.3 Update under AT&T

Galaxy S4 users and fans have been enjoying Android 4.3 Jelly Bean since last October, and now there are good news for them. An Android 4.3 update is finally heating the S4. We are talking about a 721 MB update which can be downloaded through a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection. The update is supposing to be rolled out under the AT&T American carrier, which hasn’t yet uploaded the changelog notes, but took instead the online version from its own website. AT&T`s intentions was to launch the update right away, but due to some bugs, it was pulled immediately for some fixes. Other than that, it will be soon heating the market around the world in stages.

To state our source, the update will come with a Galaxy Gear compatibility, Android OS upgrade, drag and drop features for uninstalling or disabling different apps, and surely, the signature of the AT&T, concerning Experience preloads like Kindle, Lookout, City ID, Password Keeper, Games and AT&T Mobile Protection. The baseband of the handset will be also change to I537UCUBML.

Galaxy S4 Active to Receive Android 4.3 Update under AT&T

Galaxy S4 Active to Receive Android 4.3 Update under AT&T

Jeff Bradley, who is the senior vice-president for the developer and services department at AT&T, states that the company is thrill to offer their own experience to carry out the legacy of launching Samsung Galaxy series after series, as the “stylish and the high-performance” device will encourage and will make them more ambitious to keep up with “demands of everyday life”.

I can`t help finishing the article without stating some important features of the great Samsung Galaxy S4.

The smartphone comes with an IP67 certification, capable of underwater snapshots; it sports a 1.9GHz quad-core processor and a FULL HD TFT LCD screen of 443 ppi, a strong battery of 2,600 mAh and the new feature “Glove Touch” that lets users handle the touchscreen of the device when wearing gloves.

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