Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Is Ready to Hit US

A few days ago we have seen AT&T’s Garnet Red Galaxy S III, but do you imagine that the company stopped there? That wouldn’t be that Samsung that we all know so well. So, we can tell you that it has already introduced a new device wrapped in a similar color scheme – none other than Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 which is ready to hit US. We should know from the start that all the internal specs won’t be any different than the ones that we already know from the previous model and that this new version is all about its red coating which makes it so special.

As a refresher, the latest Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 version comes with the same vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display as the original model, as well as a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor that seems to be more than able to succeed even when it comes to various demanding applications.

Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Is Ready to Hit US

Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Is Ready to Hit US

Although this Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 features Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system, we already know that it is upgradeable to Android 4.2.2., so this shouldn’t be any problem at all. And don’t forget about Samsung’s ChatON app which lets you stay connected to all your friends and family members, offering you a variety of unique features such as Multimedia Transmission, Buddy Interaction, or Group Chat. But unfortunately, it seems that we are talking about a Wi-Fi version only as long as there’s no mention of any 3G Garnet Red model prepared for release.

What do you think with Valentine’s Day being so close; could this Garnet Red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 be a potential gift for your loved one? Or is it just something that you are dreaming of using? As our source mentions, we can only tell you that it will hit US no later than this February 2, at a price of $199.99 and we see it as an inspired choice for any of these two scenarios.

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