The End of Flappy Bird: Removed by its Developer Dong Nguyen

After successfully reaching the top of App Store charts, the popular Flappy Bird iOS game Flappy Bird has reached to and end and has been removed from the App Store. Its Indian game developer Dong Nguyen has warned us that this is supposed to happen for both iOS and Android app stores, by simply motivating that the game’s success has ruining his life. Nguyen has also said on his Twitter account that the decision has nothing to do with any sort of legal issues, making it clear that it was just the result of his personal choices.

Controversial decision

This Flappy Bird was originally released in May, but only on January 17th of this year it has reached to the top and become so popular. The news is definitely an unexpected one, taking in consideration that Flappy Bird has been bringing around $50,000 per day since it become the number one spot on the App Store charts.

The End of Flappy Bird - Removed by its Developer Dong Nguyen

The End of Flappy Bird – Removed by its Developer Dong Nguyen

Other game developers would do anything for reaching such a number, so it is pretty hard to believe that someone that has climbed all the way to the top is ready to give up on that so easily. On one hand, we have Dong Nguyen’s words saying that he “cannot take this anymore” as long as the Flappy Bird game has ruined his “simple life”, on the other one we have plenty of rumors regarding how such a basic game could climb the iOS charts after month following its original release.

For example, Carter Thomas, a popular iPhone app designer considers that the traffic trends look is not far from bot activity, but we might never find out the truth behind this story.

Future plans

Either way, we have all witnessed the end of Flappy Bird and this is something that we cannot change. As our source confirms, its developer Dong Nguyen has already informed us that he has no interest in selling the game to anyone, but his work in the gaming activity filed will continue.

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